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    How does it work?
    Scanning the barcode
    01 Scanning the barcode
    Open your phone’s camera, and hold it in front of the code shown on the left
    Opening the link
    02 Opening the link
    Click the link that appears on your screen
    Choosing the resident
    03 Choosing the resident
    Click on the resident you’ve come to see.
    04 Identification
    They can now see and hear you. Identify yourself to the resident.
    05 Entry
    And the door will open!
    About us
    InterQR will upgrade your security
    Switch to a smart intercom that gives you so much more. Your building’s intercom system should provide security and privacy, and it should certainly be user-friendly. In reality, the current systems tend to break down and require continuous maintenance. InterQR introduces a revolution in the intercom world – a smart system that gives you greater security, greater reliability and a greater choice. You will no longer have to get up from the sofa, or even be at home, to open the door. There will be no need to have extra cables and a panel installed at the building entrance. Using a simple sign with a QR code for scanning, you’ll be able to open the door with your smartphone. Anyone who wants to enter the building scans the code and chooses the desired resident, who then receives a one-way video chat call – and the door opens!
    • The system can be linked to multiple users in each apartment
    • The door can be opened remotely using a one-time link
    • Keypad included – ran out of battery? Forgot your phone? Not to worry!
    • App – user-friendly app in Hebrew and English
    • An Israeli patent. InterQR is a unique patent which has proved successful in Europe and the USA. Limitless range: calls can be taken from the living room, from the shower, from work, from abroad...
    I don’t have a smartphone, will I be able to use it?
    * Yes. For users with no smartphone, a regular phone can be used as an intercom. The intercom call will be received as a regular phone call, and you will be able to open the door by pressing a key in your phone.
    Is the installation complicated?
    No. The installation process involves hanging a sign on the door, installing a controller with internet connection on the lock, and downloading a program to your smartphone
    How much does it cost?
    The cost of the system will depend on the number of apartments in your building. The system is priced at one-third to one-half of the price of a regular intercom. Different payment options and instalment plans are available to meet the needs of every customer. Please call us for more details
    Is the system safe to use?
    Yes. The system was built with complete security in mind. Our development team is made up entirely of 8200 alumni with ample experience and expertise in designing secure products.
    Is there a guarantee?
    5 years full guarantee or indefinite guarantee, depending on the chosen payment plan.
    Who do I contact for support?
    Please contact the agent who implemented your system or the company directly.
    Customers recommend
    Yossi, Rehovot
    Finally, a product that sorts out the cumbersome world of intercom. A must-have for every house in Israel. Very easy to operate and huge cost savings!!
    Ruthie, Pardes Hanna
    So simple and fun, you open the door from anywhere you want using a simple scan. Thank you very much to the InterQR team.
    Yoel, Giv’atayim
    I was skeptical at first, I didn’t think the building would handle the QR scanning. I admit I have been proven wrong! Today, we don’t understand how we could use regular intercom until now. Highly recommended.
    Sharon, Herzliya
    A must-have for every building, it has simply upgraded our lives. It’s now easy to open the door for a delivery person without bothering everyone. I really like it, and thank you for the excellent service!
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